Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes

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Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes (2024) continues the mythologizing of the previous two entries in the franchise. Unlike the films made in the sixties and seventies, these new Planet Of The Apes movies are grandiose epics about power, morality, and community. This sets these films apart from the more science fiction oriented films in the franchise but also from other blockbusters as well.

Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes has far more going on than the average superhero or Fast & Furious movies. Although it may deal with its themes superficially, it nonetheless endeavors to say something about what makes us human and what the dream of a utopia might look like. These are hopeful films done on an epic scale where every cent spent shows up on the screen.

The Planet Of The Apes films of the last decade are more than a collection of escapist set pieces. Every set piece means something. These films are special effects bonanzas that earn their spectacle by rooting it thematically in character arcs. It’s not just “good guys” versus “bad guys” or a succession of dim witted quips; these are films that try to be about something.

Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes is a mediocre film but an excellent blockbuster. What it lacks in nuance and detail it compensates for in nail-biting action sequences. Director Wes Ball is wholly at home in the world of CGI and delivers a film that actually looks better than the average video game. The resulting film is a popcorn flick for those of us with at least half a brain.