Fools Rush In

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Andy Tennant has made a career out of directing safe, family friendly romantic comedies. Fools Rush In (1997), his second feature film, establishes the generic tropes and television oriented sensibility that would dominate his more popular films like Sweet Home Alabama (2002), Hitch (2005), Fool’s Gold (2008) and The Bounty Hunter (2010). Each of these boy meets girl/odd couple outings embraces audience expectations to a fault.

Still, there is something charming about Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek. Their hasty marriage and impending child prompts a number of clashes between WASP and Mexican culture that still feel relevant today. There’s some racism, but it’s there to be ridiculed, despised. In terms of nineties comedies, Fools Rush In features a pretty healthy depiction of masculinity in Matthew Perry’s character. There’s not even any casual homophobia in his scenes.

Though it has its charms, there isn’t actually much to recommend Fools Rush In to viewers. It’s an artifact now, albeit one that’s aged relatively well. Nostalgia is probably about the only thing that would prompt someone to revisit Fools Rush In. That, or a pretty serious interest in Chandler Bing’s solo adventures.