Captain America: Civil War

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This review was first published during the original release of this film.

Captain America: Civil War was the most boring spectacle I had ever witnessed on the big screen. My buddy and I sat there un-amused for two and a half hours while the room pulsed with everyone else’s energy as they lapped up the latest installment of Marvel’s movie universe. It became oddly surreal for a time before reverting to quiet frustration. Captain America: Civil War offered nothing I had not already seen before in the genre of Super-Hero flicks. It didn’t have the saving graces of X-Men: Apocalypse or the atmosphere of Tim Burton’s Batman. All it had was the most base and superficial appeal of any summer spectacle.

There was one moment I did take a private delight in. A few days before my buddy and I had our little superhero adventure my brother told me that in the film Hawkeye calls Ironman a “futurist”. When I saw the film and heard the line for myself I smiled. Though it is unknown to most (Ally McBeal fans, we are the exception), Robert Downey Jr. recorded an album in 2005 titled The Futurist. This album has been the brunt of so many jokes between my brother and I over the years that there simply isn’t space to get into it now.